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ZelleLab is a manufacturer of a market leader technology to obtain autologous Platelet Rich Plasma, better known as Platelet Rich Plasma. 

This CE Marked technology consists in processing the patient’s own blood, in order to use the final cellular concentrate obtained for indications in different medical specialties such orthopedics, sports medicine, trauma, neurosurgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, maxillofacial, wound care and esthetics. Zellelab is a product that allows the preparation of an Erythrocyte and leucocyte-free Platelet Rich Plasma through a 100% closed system, which guarantees the aseptic procedure and minimizes the operator’s and Platelet Rich Plasma risk of contamination.

Zellelab requires a very small volume of blood, of only 8cc per tube for an approximate final volume of 4cc of Platelet Rich Plasma. 


With just one 6-minute centrifugation required, consists of a fast preparation that makes it a very friendly and easy to use system. 


Since it does not depend on a highly trained operator, it is 100% reproducible systems that allow standardizing the procedure between patients.

Moreover, the Zellelab System’s versatility allows for the preparation of three different presentations depending on the physician’s preference: a liquid Platelet Rich Plasma, an activated gel or, with a second centrifugation process, a fibrin clot matrix that can be sutured if desired. 

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