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Mobility is constantly rising as an essential factor of comfort. An active life, regular sports practice and the aging process itself induces weaknesses, causing pain and sometimes injuries.

From the quick “joint fix” to the strongest orthopedics procedure, Zellelab creates innovating technologies and products to enhance soft and bone tissue healing.

Injection of Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma from Zellelab:


  • Promotes and accelerates the healing process providing significant improvement in symptoms.

  •  Significant reduction of pain. 

  • Reduces the need for alternative treatments like medications, cortisone injections, surgery, among other.

  •  Rules out the risk of immunological reactions and contamination by transmissible diseases. 

The Zellelab Plasma can be used in different areas and to treat different pathologies that are explained below:


  • Golfer and Tennis Elbow, also known as medial and lateral epicondilitis respectively, which are common causes of pain and weakness in the athlete’s elbows.

  • In general tendon, ligamentous and muscular lesions, plantar fasciitis and cartilage lesions in shoulder, elbow, hip, pubic area, knee, foot and ankle.

  • Is used in combination with bone graft or bone substitute of any type to bio stimulate the osteointegration and regeneration of the tissue.

Acute traumas usually lead to complex, long surgeries where bone or cartilage healing becomes a central factor of their success. To meet these challenges, Zellelab technology, which is simple, safe and efficient, facilitates this type of procedures to the orthopedic surgeon.

The Zellelab technology aim is to dramatically enhance tissue regeneration toward a quicker and more successful patient recovery. The Platelet Rich Plasma can be mixed with bone marrow cell concentrates as well as bone substitutes, enhancing this way the action of both, stem cells and platelets in the lesion area.

The Zellelab Kit is designed for the preparation of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma of the patient through the centrifugation of a vacuum tube with the peripheral blood of the patient, using a polyester thixotropic gel for the separation of the blood components and the use of citrate as anticoagulant. This closed system is very easy and simple to use, and yields in less than 10 minutes, an average of 4.5cc of Platelet Rich Plasma obtained out of 8cc of the patient’s blood. The gel in the tube allows to obtain more than 80% of the platelets, isolating them from the red blood cells.

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