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The ZelleLab exclusive development and technology allows to obtain autologous cellular preparations and bio-stimulate the non-closing wounds from: both diabetic foot ulcers and varicose ulcers, as well as gangrene, radio dermatitis, burns, sternal wounds, among others.

Any plastic and reconstructive surgery procedure takes place in order to repair soft tissue defects that result from trauma injuries, tumor resections and congenital defects. The main goal of tissue engineering is precisely to regenerate healthy tissues and organs for the patient that requires them, in order to avoid the need for tissue and organ transplantations, mechanical devices and immunological rejection, which is frequent and of main interest for those patients that receive donated tissue.

The Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma induces the wound regeneration and the tissue repair, through the cellular proliferation and differentiation, acting as a regeneration promoter and as a matrix over the surface. Wound treatment has been done with the Zellelab Plasma and the plasma mixed with autologous fat graft to stimulate wound closure, demonstrating great success in chronic wounds for tissue regeneration, ulcer closure and significant healing, as well as infection, pain and site exudates reduction, maintaining a humid environment for the wound.

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